Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Post-August 24, 2014

Why did you choose this course as your FYS? I have loved all things Disney for a long time. The movies and stories they are based on fascinate me. I love how books and films can transport you to a whole new world, all from the comfort of your room.  I took a trip to Disney World in Florida this past June as a graduation present, which was amazing! I love finding a whole new dimension to old stories and things you thought you knew from childhood, then going back as an adult and getting a whole different meaning from it, and uncovering little treasures you did not notice the first time around.

What are you hoping to accomplish in this seminar?
To see fairytales in a new light. I want to know what the princesses and other classic characters were like before they were transformed and doused with Disney sparkle.  Often, stories are sugar coated for kids, and it will be interesting to know the true adult versions. Plus, it would be fun to put my Snow White costume to good use.

 What is your favorite fairy tale and why?
            Only one? I have loved Beauty and the Beast for forever, because Belle did not look like a cookie cutter princess to me. She read books, was always exploring her surroundings and questioning the world around her, instead of just blindly following what everyone else was doing. She always tried to look for the good in people,  beyond their exterior to find what that person was like on the inside. She did not pay attention to the townspeople's opinion of her, she kept doing what she wanted to do.