Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tenth Post-November 22, 2014

Find a cartoon on-line with a Rapunzel motif and discuss the cartoon and compare it with either the original tale or the Disney film.

In this cartoon by Yasmine Surovec, Rapunzel is depicted as a crazy cat lady. She discovers that the cats that have climbed up her hair are the Prince’s cats. Portraying Rapunzel and the Prince as “crazy cat people” might seem odd, but it makes sense once you tie it in with isolation and loneliness.  Rapunzel is alone in her tower with only Mother Gothel to talk too, which can be pretty boring.  These cats that climb up her hair are her only real companions. In the film Tangled, Flynn Rider is always on the run. He does not stay in one place very long, so he does not have the opportunity to make many friends.  The friends he does make, however, he ends up betraying either by stealing from them or deserting them when they need him.

The Prince does not notice Rapunzel until one of the cats has started playing with her long, braided hair, which mirrors how Flynn did not really see the magnitude of Rapunzel’s beauty until the children were braiding her hair and she was dancing with the townspeople at the festival. In the second panel, when the Prince goes to take the cats home with him, he automatically asks Rapunzel if she would like to go with him. This is similar to the Grimm tale where Rapunzel falls in love with the Prince at first sight.  He continues to visit her and make a silk scarf so she can leave the tower.  In the end, the couples get their happily ever after, whether that is a cuddle puddle of cats or marriage.

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