Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sixth Post-October 2nd, 2014

Look at the blogs of all other students and find the blog you like the most. Explain why. Which blog entry did you like the most? Why? Also find a blog that according to you needs improvement. Explain why!
I enjoyed the unique aspect of Emily’s blog. ( It is hosted on a website called Polyvore and I think that adding the picture collages is a very creative way to think outside the box. I also liked how you can hover over each of the pictures and it will show the source for that image. Her entries are very insightful and have a different perspective.  I also liked Tabitha’s blog, ( because it is very detailed. It contains many pictures that help the reader understand the focus of the entry. Her blog posts also fully answer the prompt in detail.

My favorite entry is Hannah’s post “A Recipe for Fairy Tales”. ( I never thought of the process of writing a fairy tale was similar to making a muffin or chocolate chip cookies. Hannah’s post equated an unusual concept with something many people can identify with, baking.  She also uses quotes from works we covered in class to reinforce her statements.

I believe that many of my classmates could add pictures to improve the quality of their blogs. Pictures are a visual representation if the thoughts you are trying to get across. They can also help break up the walls of text in a post and help you get creative. Pictures are also a fun way to tie in a movie to a story and make connections. As a whole, I believe the majority of the class has awesome blogs and I enjoyed seeing how everyone has their own unique spin on the same prompt. 

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