Friday, October 31, 2014

Eighth Post-October 31, 2014

Find a cartoon online with “Little Red Riding Hood” as a theme and write a reflection on that cartoon.

                This cartoon covers the environmental issue of deforestation. It is both a political and social cartoon, since political issues are closely entwined with social issues. The cartoon takes place in in the part of the story where Little Red Riding Hood is journeying through the woods to her grandmother’s house to deliver cake and wine to her. Little Red Riding Hood’s journey through the woods is virtually nonexistent, because there are no woods. All of the trees have been cut down, and it is much easier for Red to find her way to her grandmother’s. This cartoon addresses a serious topic in a humorous way, which I enjoyed. By adding the element of a classic children’s tale to the cartoon, it captivates the audience and makes them think about the topic in a different light. Putting a subject such as deforestation and connecting it with a fairy tale makes people more likely to take a second glance at the cartoon and think about the issue.
The URL for the cartoon is
There was no author credited except spikeys_studio.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Seventh Post-October 24, 2014

First read the story of “Cupid and Psyche” at, then write a comparison of this old Greek tale with that of the Brothers Grimm. Add two pictures to your blog, one from “The Frog King” and one for “Cupid and Psyche.

In the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche, Psyche is the youngest of three daughters of the king and queen.  She is more beautiful than Venus herself. This makes the real Venus jealous, so she sends her son Cupid to get vengeance and have Psyche marry a monster. Cupid and Psyche fall in love and they are married before Psyche has a chance to see what he looks like. He forbids her to look at him and only visits her in the darkness of night. Soon, rumors swirl around that she married a monster. Curiosity gets the best of Psyche, and she holds a lantern to Cupid’s face, illuminating not the face of a monster, but a god. Cupid flees, but Psyche is able to win him back.

In the Grim tale of The Frog King, the Princess, also the youngest of three daughters, loses a golden ball. A frog offers to fetch it for her, and in her desperation, she offers him her hand in marriage as a reward. The frog carries out his task, and the princess is bound by her promise to wed him. The frog demands to be close to the princess. When she objects, her father, the king, refuses to let her break her promise.  When the frog requests to sleep with her, she becomes enraged and throws him against the wall. She finds a prince in his place who explains that he was cursed by a witch. The Princess then marries the prince.

The tales both contain a motif similar to that of Beauty and the Beast. The youngest of three daughters marries a beast who then turns out to be beautiful. Cupid and Psyche were already married when Cupid was discovered to be beautiful. However, the princess in The Frog King only fully desires to marry the prince after he transforms from being a ghastly frog.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sixth Post-October 2nd, 2014

Look at the blogs of all other students and find the blog you like the most. Explain why. Which blog entry did you like the most? Why? Also find a blog that according to you needs improvement. Explain why!
I enjoyed the unique aspect of Emily’s blog. ( It is hosted on a website called Polyvore and I think that adding the picture collages is a very creative way to think outside the box. I also liked how you can hover over each of the pictures and it will show the source for that image. Her entries are very insightful and have a different perspective.  I also liked Tabitha’s blog, ( because it is very detailed. It contains many pictures that help the reader understand the focus of the entry. Her blog posts also fully answer the prompt in detail.

My favorite entry is Hannah’s post “A Recipe for Fairy Tales”. ( I never thought of the process of writing a fairy tale was similar to making a muffin or chocolate chip cookies. Hannah’s post equated an unusual concept with something many people can identify with, baking.  She also uses quotes from works we covered in class to reinforce her statements.

I believe that many of my classmates could add pictures to improve the quality of their blogs. Pictures are a visual representation if the thoughts you are trying to get across. They can also help break up the walls of text in a post and help you get creative. Pictures are also a fun way to tie in a movie to a story and make connections. As a whole, I believe the majority of the class has awesome blogs and I enjoyed seeing how everyone has their own unique spin on the same prompt.